Discovering the Best Colleges in Maryland

Maryland is home to more than 100 great higher education institutions many of them located in the bustling and lively Baltimore area. Although every student has different needs, interests and personal circumstances that influence what they would consider the best college to suit their needs there are some schools that are generally considered to stand out as the best colleges in Maryland. Here is a little about just a few of them.

Best Colleges in Maryland – Johns Hopkins University – Mention the subject of the best colleges in Maryland and many people’s thoughts will immediately turn to the prestigious Johns Hopkins University. Although it is located primarily in the heart of Baltimore the school does have a satellite campus in nearby Washington DC – The School of Advanced International Studies.

Johns Hopkins is known and renowned worldwide for the excellence of its teaching and the innovation of its research, especially in the fields of applied science and medicine.

Together, over the years, these two academic disciplines have won Johns Hopkins more federal research awards than any other institute in the country. In addition, the school offers a wide array of programs in humanities, arts an, music, social and natural sciences, international studies, and business and education.

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Best Colleges in Maryland –  Towson University – Also located in the heart of Baltimore this is the second largest university in the state and offers students more than 100 different fields of study to choose from both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Although all of the school’s programs are considered to be excellent, the fine arts and computer technology programs are often singled out for extra praise. Just make the right choice.

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Best Colleges in Maryland – the University of Maryland, Baltimore County – Part of the renowned University of Maryland system this college is an excellent choice for those interested in pursuing an education in the fields of science and technology. The school boasts one of the best technology-oriented facilities to be found anywhere and the research work that the students do there affects and enhances the lives of people all over the globe.

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Best Colleges in Maryland – the University of Maryland, University College – This Maryland school is best known for the high quality of educational programs it offers to non-traditional adult students. The school’s main campus is located in Adelphi, Maryland but it also has a number of satellite campuses as well as a growing number of online-only distance learning programs as well as convenient evening and weekend offerings.

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