Discovering the Best Colleges in Oregon

Oregon is a state known for its natural beauty, its strong lumber and fishing industries and its commitment to eco-friendliness among other things. The state is also home to almost 100 different higher education institutions, from community colleges to prestigious private and public four-year colleges and universities, which all together offer educational offerings to suit any student, no matter what their academic interests. Although all of these schools are excellent in their own way here is a little about five of the best colleges in Oregon:

Best Colleges in Oregon – Oregon State University (OSU) – This prestigious co-ed university was founded in 1856 and is located in Corvallis, Oregon. The school is especially well known for its research opportunities offered to students at all levels and to engage in social media events like Twestival.  OSU’s programs in nuclear engineering, ecology, forestry, public health, biochemistry, zoology, oceanography, food sciences, and pharmacy technology are all consistently ranked amongst the best in the nation.

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Best Colleges in Oregon – The University of Oregon – Located in the gorgeous Willamette Valley this university is the second oldest in the state having first been founded in 1876. The school is best known for the high quality of both its agricultural and liberal arts degree programs especially in the fields of journalism and music and dance.

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Best Colleges in Oregon – Portland Community College – PCC is the largest higher learning institution in the state and offers students of all ages and from all walks of life the chance to pursue an Associates degree in a wide array of different subjects and disciplines. The college is nationally renowned for the high quality of its nursing and dental education programs. Here, they understand the real meaning of education.

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Best Colleges in Oregon – University of Phoenix – Oregon School – Although the University of Phoenix is fast gaining a reputation for being one of the best choices for online education the school also has a number of well established, high-quality physical campus locations across the country including this one located in Portland. There are a number of great, very diverse degree programs offered to students with an emphasis on developing study and leadership skills.

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Top Colleges in Oregon – Pioneer Pacific College – This smaller private college is a great choice for Oregon residents looking for a more practical education. The school has campuses located in both Portland and Wilsonville and offers a wide range of both certificate and degree programs and serves no n traditional students very well, especially those who are considering a career change.

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