High School Equivalency FAQ

HSED or High School Equivalency Diploma or HEP is comparable to achieving a high school diploma instead of simply proving the skills by taking the GED or HiSET or TASC Test.

What is the HiSET exam?

The HiSET exam is a five-part test states use in the process of issuing a high school equivalency credential. The exam allows you to show you have the same academic knowledge and skills as a high school graduate. Read more about it here.

What is the GED test?

The 4 GED subject tests are in Math, Language, Science, Social Studies The passing score on each subtest is 145 (out of 200). Read more here.

What is the TASC test?

There are five tests in the TASC™ test Battery: Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics. The tests take approximately nine hours to complete and include a direct writing assessment. Read more here.